#one of those times when everyone (including steve) is like holy fucking shit this chick is brilliant#and like really fucking good at her job#and like wow now i see why she’s SHIELD’s top agent#i should let her run everything#she should be in charge#etc etc

#basically#can we also just not forget that had natasha not been on the lookout and seen rumlow on the escalator that would’ve been it#also i love how this is one of the more perfect examples of spy vs soldier#steve is used to reacting#his first instinct is to engage and think about how he can phyically defend himself in a fight#natasha is used to acting#her first instinct is to figure out the best way to hide and be stealth and quietly play the game#because for as much as the black widow likes to draw people into her web (see: bucky on the causeway) she plays it quiet 90% of the time#which is basically her strength and what makes her so good at what she does